Farmhouse yogurt made in the traditional way of maturing in cup with beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus acidophilus. The authentic taste of the blackcurrant with fruit bits (55 % of the fruit component) combined with the typical acidity of the white yogurt create a very strong flavour.

Nutritional information per 100 g of product

Energy kJ 382
Energy kcal 91
Fats 3,1 g
of which saturated fatty acids 2,2 g
Carbohydrates 13 g
of which sugars 13 g
Proteins 3,0 g
Salt 0,11 g

Product composition

milk, fruit 18 % (blackcurrant 55 %, sugar, stabilizer: pectin), milk protein, yogurt culture, Bifidobacterium BB12 and Lactobacillus acidophilus LA 5 (106/g) cultures. Use by date stated on the lid (S). Consume immediately after opening. Product package alternatives: 200 g.

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