The story of Hollandia

Some people bring sea shells from their holiday. We came back with an idea. An idea of making proper yogurt just with milk and yogurt culture.

Hollandia Karlovy Vary was established in the middle of 1991. At that time we imported our first production line from Holland and used it for many years. Thanks to our customers who liked the taste of Hollandia we could move to a better facility and gradually innovate the production technologies. Since the end of 2003 we are working in a new production plant, built in Krásné Údolí with an investment of approximately 140 million CZK.

New technologies and original methods

Of course the investments related also to technologies. In 2010 and 2011 we invested further - approximately 65 million CZK went into production expansion and innovation following the latest trends. What remained, however, was the actual process of making yogurt. We have kept this the same from the very beginning – and we do believe that this is why you are still buying our products.

The home of Hollandia

The home of Hollandia – Krásné Údolí – is located on a plateau in the altitude of around 700 m, in direct contact with nature protected area Slavkovský les. Since 12th century AD when the order of Premonstratensian monks owned the local land the region has been mainly agricultural with many fishponds. And it remained clean and pure to this day – the purity of the land is the secret to the high quality standard of our cows’ milk.

We protect purity

Hollandia meets all legal requirements regarding waste disposal. We have a regular contract with EKO-KOM that entitles us to use the GREEN POINT on our products. At the end of 2003 we launched our own waste water pre-treatment plant that is further processed by municipal waste water treatment plant in Krásné Údolí. By this we met the strictest limits for production within the EU. As part of our social responsibility scheme we are participating in the restoration of the municipal waste water treatment plant.

We keep our quality

Yogurt products are made with superfine quality milk. White yogurts contain no consistence stabilising agents (gelatine, pectin, starch, etc.). Fruit yogurts include high content of fruit bits. We hold the IFS certificate, a worldwide recognised food standard. We undergo regular audits performed by an independent organisation, and the IFS standard thus guarantees high quality and safety of our food products.